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  1. Latest Q & A Reply - in Alcoholism
    Using Dreams After Living a Nightmare answered yesterday
  2. Latest Q & A Reply - in Suboxone & Methadone
    Article Response answered last week
  3. Latest Q & A Reply - in Anxiety
    Drinking, Anxiety, mental Illness answered 4 weeks ago
  4. Latest Q & A Reply - in Adolescent Issues
    Connecting with a Teenager answered 3 weeks ago
  5. Latest Q & A Reply - in Addictions
    Cocaine addiction answered yesterday
  6. Latest Q & A Reply - in Eating Disorders
    Guilt About Bulimia answered 3 weeks ago
  7. Latest Q & A Reply - in Parenting & Family
    Should I Tell My Daughter I Am Going To Rehab? answered last week
  8. Carole Gilmore
    Carole Gilmore - MS, NCC, LPC Intern
    Pre-Licensed Professional Authentic Balance Counseling
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    1 Q&A's Texas |
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    Latest Q & A Reply - in Couples Counseling
    The heart wants what the heart wants... answered 4 weeks ago
  9. Latest Q & A Reply - in Anxiety
    What to do about long waits for appointments answered last month
  10. Latest Q & A Reply - in Alcoholism
    not for you answered 4 months ago
  11. Latest Q & A Reply - in Alcohol Rehab
    Child Sexual Abuse is Correlated with Alcoholism answered 2 years ago
  12. Penny Bell
    Penny Bell - Grad Dip Counselling, Adv. Dip. Counselling & Family Therapy, MACA
    Counselor/Therapist Homepage
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    Latest Q & A Reply - in Depression
    How can I help my depressed son? answered 2 months ago
  13. Latest Q & A Reply - in Alcoholism
    Alcohol problem? answered 4 months ago
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