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Daily coaching and support groups.

Available Online Programs & Prices

All you need is a computer or mobile device with internet connection.
No Software required.

  • Online Recovery Intensive28 Days - via

    Online Recovery ProgramsWe developed SoberNow as a fully comprehensive recovery program that you can attend to from the safety, anonymity and comfort of your own home. Start your recovery now - whatever your circumstances.

    The course is self-run. Personal video coaching is available, starting from $50 for 30 minutes.
    $14.95 p/m
  • Program for Family & Friends 28 Days - via

    Online Support Program for Family & FriendsWhether or not your addicted loved-one is in recovery already, this 28-day intensive online program will guide you to effectively support them, yourself, and the rest of your family.

    The course is self-run. Personal video coaching is available, starting from $50 for 30 minutes.
    $14.95 p/m
  • 1-to-1 Online Coaching Browser-based. No software required.

    We offer the benefits of professional counseling without the restrictions. If you're going through a rough patch and you're at a loss as to what to do, our online coaching may be just what you need.
    from $50

Benefits of Home Recovery

  • Affordable
    Just $14.95 p/m for the base membership, with daily videos, activities and downloads. You can add individual coaching anytime, starting from $50 for 30 minutes.
  • Confidential
    Protecting your anonymity is of utmost importance to us. Nobody will know you are in rehab for addiction.
  • Convenient
    Rehab that works wherever you are, whatever you are doing - all you need is access to the internet.
  • Flexible
    Minimal disruptions from daily commitments, no time-out. Don't worry about absence from work, family or pets.
  • Easy to Use
    Treatment is just a click away. Recovery has never been easier. Simply sign up and start your journey to recovery today.
  • Professional
    We provide a full assessment to get you started on our therapist-led program. From start to finish you are in great hands.

How It Works

  • Technology


    The Online Rehab is a truly pioneering program offering you professional and web-enabled addiction therapy. Our 28-day online rehab program is the first to offer a fully comprehensive recovery program on a global scale.

    Admitting addiction and seeking help are incredible hurdles to overcome but no one ever mentions the logistical nightmares that arise when entering a rehab facility. Organizing childcare and/or pet care can be especially difficult and extremely costly if you do not have a support network.

    One of the luxuries we provide is affordability. Development in technology enables us to provide the kind of therapy you would receive in a private rehabilitation clinic but at a substantially reduced rate.

  • Tasks & Workbooks

    Tasks & Workbooks

    Our 28-day online rehab program was designed by Jim LaPierre, an addiction counselor with 30 years experience.

    As you go through the program, you will learn lots of things about yourself. You will discover neglected issues and primary motivations behind your behaviors – an essential part of overcoming addiction and regaining control.

    The program addresses the following areas:

    Myths and misconceptions about drink and drugs, your life story, the nature of change, how addiction works, how substances work in your brain and body, the damage that substances can do, the function that substance use serves, why we experience cravings, types of vulnerability to addiction, relationships, values and goals, coming up with better things to do than using, what happens when we slip up, what situations risk our recovery, dealing with triggers and cues to relapse, developing a healthy support network, the importance of accepting responsibility, the damage that stress can do, how to change the way we think to avoid stress, problem solving, identifying and dealing powerful emotions, the use of medication as a coping skill, mindfulness, cravings and coping skills, ways to manage and attempt to prevent slips and relapses – including a personal relapse management plan.

  • Schedule


    Your program commences with a clinical assessment, followed by daily video group meetings and weekly 1-to1 counseling sessions.

    We operate a rolling program, which means there is no need to wait for the next intake to start.

    The program was designed for maximum flexibility and with our evening sessions available throughout the program, it won’t interfere with your daytime commitments.

  • Coaches


    We are passionate about recovery. As well as highly qualified, many of us are “experts by experience” and in recovery ourselves.

    Our team members have worked in all areas of the addiction treatment field, ranging from residential rehab, intensive outpatient and long term supportive housing programs.

    The clinical team consists of psychologists, psychotherapists, counselors and coaches with vast experiences within the field of substance abuse and the wider mental health arena. They are highly experienced in writing individualized patient care plans.

  • Video Conferences

    Video Conference

    We are using state-of-the-art video conferencing software, which requires no technical ability from you at all.

    The experience that you will have is very similar to being in a physical group environment. You will be able to clearly hear and see your peers and counselor.

  • Security


    Safeguarding your security is a top priority for us.

    All our data is securely kept in the cloud run by Amazon Web Services in the USA.

    The programs’ web traffic going in and out of the data center is encrypted using HTTPS.

Our Coaches


“SoberNow meets a growing and widespread need that is otherwise largely unmet. With its unique combination of immediate accessibility, practical writings, the security of anonymity, and the option of live discussion with qualified coaches, it surrounds its participants with opportunities for high quality and comprehensive support. The brilliance behind the thoughtful design of this program speaks for itself.”Keith Young - Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor & Trauma Specialist
“I’m excited about the doors this online program will open for folks who are in need of recovery. What SoberNow offers is innovative, effective and affordable. Providing this from the comfort of home with complete confidentiality is brilliant!”Kate Kelly M.S.W. - Licensed Clinical Social Worker
“As a therapist, I'm always looking for effective and affordable resources for my clients. SoberNow offers a high quality, low cost, and confidential guide to the most vital aspects of addiction recovery.”Charles McKay M.S. - Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor
“I’m impressed with how down to earth and useful the videos and readings are. They apply directly to my recovery. I like that the program offers small, specific steps I can take each day. I appreciate that Jim picked a song to go with each lesson because that makes it easier to hold on to.”H.B. - Person in recovery and subscriber to