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Recovery Support Services

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  • Intervention Get them to finally make the right choice now

    We assist families and friends in getting their loved ones started on the path to recovery. Our professional interventionists are intimately acquainted with an addict's concerns and fears and will be able to deal with them respectfully and efficiently - ensuring they have the best chance to get into a residential treatment program swiftly.
  • Treatment Transport Making sure they arrive safely

    Our personable and experienced treatment escorts ensure that your loved one gets to and from treatment safely. Our clinical transportation service organizes the complete travel and won't leave the addict until they're safely connected with the treatment center staff. The treatment escort is available 24/7 for any progress updates to concerned parties.
  • Sober Companion An excellent option for sustained sobriety

    For some clients, treatment isn't enough and they require sustained personal attention during their early recovery. Our sober companions are in recovery themselves and are able to guide a client through the challenging time of early recovery. Our sober companions accompany a client throughout the day, to encourage healthy habits and lifestyle changes.
  • Initial Assessment Ensuring custom-tailored treatment and care

    An initial assessment is an important first step in establishing a client's needs in regard to addiction treatment. The initial assessment consists of collecting a client's treatment-relevant data. A specialized health-care professional analyzes the information in order to make the appropriate professional recommendations for treatment allocation, whether it be in-patient or out-patient, therapy or other measures.
  • Case Management A dedicated Case Manager

    A single point of contact who is experienced in coordinating services on a client’s behalf. This may include treatment centers, recovery housing, clinicians, coaches, court systems, pharmacies, treatment transportation, and more. Our expert case managers are able to respond to the unique needs of each client.

Long-term aftercare support and recovery coaching is available through our professional online coaching programs.

About Our Services

  • Affordable
    Our intervention services are designed to be affordable, based around the needs of the family and the amount of time requested of our professionals.
  • Confidential
    When dealing with an intervention you can expect all family matters to remain in the family and never be discussed outside of the session.
  • Convenient
    We come to you - wherever you are located. We bring your suffering family member directly to treatment.
  • Timely
    The goal of the actual intervention is to get the loved one into treatment immediately. The actual session is the be as swift as possible for the comfort of the family.
  • Client-Centered
    The client's full history is reviewed prior to an intervention. An interventionist team member of your choice leads the intervention at the residence of your choice, and accompanies the client to a treatment center of your choice where a bed is waiting.
  • Professional
    Our interventionist have themselves been in recovery for many years. Their full time job is to work hands on with recovering addicts and alcoholics and handle them with the utmost respect and care.

What Happens Next?

  • Face-to-Face

    Online Face-to-Face Meeting and Assessment

    The first step is a thorough evaluation of the addict's situation to ensure we are all well prepared and have the information we need to prepare for the day of the intervention.

    Before we come out to you, there will be the opportunity to get to know each other first during a low-pressure, online face-to-face meeting.

  • Planning

    Pre-Intervention Planning

    After our preliminary discussions and information gathering, our experienced team will prepare a well-crafted intervention plan, with custom-tailored treatment options for a caring, understanding, and well structured rehab environment so that the addict feels comfortable to make that critical leap of faith into recovery.

    Together we will review the entire plan, treatment options, set expectations, alert all to potential challenges and have contingencies in place.

  • Intervention

    Day of the Intervention

    The day of the intervention is always a challenging one for both the addict, and the family. By now, we have created a clear plan of action, an intervention team is in place, and travel and facility planning is complete. If the addict is reluctant - as is often the case - our carefully crafted contingency plans give us well-rehearsed options.

Our Recovery Experts


"My situation was very dire...without the help I received...I don‘t think I‘d be here right now. So I owe the people at ChooseHelp a great deal. They helped me overcome something that I couldn‘t do myself...it saved me.“ Dan S., Miami FL
"Your intervention saved my son's life. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!“ Maggie G., Denver CO