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Is Addiction a Choice or Disease?

Addiction is not a choice but life-threatening disease. Unfortunately, many people still believe addiction is a choice - and it's a serious problem.

by Anna Deeds, Jun 2019 Addictions

Crystal Meth Detox: A How-To Guide

by John Lee, Jun 2019

Read this before you start your meth detox and find out: what to expect, whether you need an outpatient or residential detox (or whether you can do it on your own), how to stay safe and how to make it through protracted withdrawals.

Image © Stephen Poff

Long-Term Addiction Recovery - Explained

by Anna Deeds, Jun 2019

Why consider long-term addiction recovery over the standard 30 day rehab? Learn about successful recovery options and how to increase your treatment duration.

Recovery + ADHD: Start by Improving Your Focus

by John Lee, May 2019

If you can’t focus to complete essential tasks you’ll create unnecessary stress - and stress definitely ups your risk of relapse. Safeguard your recovery by learning focus skills that make it easier to stay on task.

Image © Auzigog

How to Avoid Opioid Overdose

by John Lee, Apr 2019

No more preventable deaths! If you or someone you love takes opioids you need to know how to prevent and respond to overdoses.

Image © Mannaz

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