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5 Questions to Evaluate Your Drinking or Drug Use

If you had an opportunity to change the present course of your life and you knew you wouldn't have to do it alone would you be interested in knowing more?

Control Your Treatment: Be Active, Never Passive!

by Jim LaPierre, Jul 2024

Being passive in treatment yields poor results. You'll do better by learning how the process works and taking control of your treatment.

Image © Ally Newbold

For Teens: How to Quit Marijuana on Your Own

by John Lee, Apr 2024

If you prepare yourself for high-risk situations and learn strategies to prevent relapse you have a great chance of being able to quit on your own – learn how to succeed here.

Image © John Steven Fernandez

Methadone Side Effects

by John Lee, Mar 2024

Thinking about using methadone but worried about the side effects? Well, firstly, know that while there are some side effects associated with the drug, it is a very well tolerated medication and most people find the side effects to be very manageable. Secondly, a lot of misinformation surrounds methadone, so some of what you may have heard may be untrue. Learn more about the side effects of methadone and learn if it might be a form of addiction treatment that will work for you.

Image © Emanuele Rosso

Alcohol Addiction - the Straight Facts

by John Lee, Dec 2023

The difference between alcohol abuse and alcohol addiction (alcoholism), what puts you at risk of becoming an alcoholic and what to do once you’ve crossed that invisible line to addiction.

Image © Josep Salvia I Bote

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