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Mindfulness and Depression: Learning to Feel Good Again
© Premasagar

How Mindfulness can overcome depression, teach us how to ignore unwanted thoughts and help us choose what is healthy for ourselves.

Depression, Chronic Pain & Opioid Misuse

by John Lee, Jul 2023

Learn how opioids can lead to depression, how depression worsens pain and what to do when you have both pain and depression.

After Relapse: How to Start All Over Again

by Jim LaPierre, Jun 2023

Relapse is common in recovery. But with perseverance, support, and a willingness to learn, every relapse can be an opportunity for growth and progress. Keep getting back up and moving forward towards a better life.

Image © Pol Sifter

The "Addiction Severity" Self-Test

by John Lee, Jun 2023

Know you have a problem but not sure how serious it is or if you need treatment? Take this 1 minute addiction severity self test and learn how your level of addiction ranks.

Image © Beni Ishaque Luthor

Does Your Lifestyle Match Your Values?

by John Lee, May 2023

Overcoming ambivalence: How does the ‘ideal you’ compare with the ‘current you’? Not sure? Well, take a few minutes to complete the following exercise and find out how far you’ve strayed from the life you’d love to have. If your lifestyle strays too far from your goals and values, you may want to consider serious action to get back on track.

Image © Boetter

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