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16-Point Safety Checklist before Sending Your Teen to Residential Treatment

Considering residential rehab treatment for your teenager? First read this warning-sign checklist to spot and avoid dangerous or ineffective programs.

by John Lee, Mar 2019 Teenagers

Use + Impulsivity + Compulsivity = Addiction

by John Lee, Mar 2019

Learn how the brain changes of addiction exacerbate problems with impulsive and compulsive acts – how impulsivity drives early addiction and compulsivity and impulsivity perpetuate later stages and most importantly, what you can do to retake control.

Image © Stefan Kohli

Involuntary Commitment of a Loved-One

by Evan Jarschauer, Feb 2019

Dealing with a loved one spiraling out of control, what to expect when police and paramedics get involved, and on obtaining an involuntary commitment order.

Image © Evan Jarschauer

Alcohol Addiction - the Straight Facts

by John Lee, Dec 2018

The difference between alcohol abuse and alcohol addiction (alcoholism), what puts you at risk of becoming an alcoholic and what to do once you’ve crossed that invisible line to addiction.

Image © Josep Salvia I Bote

Long-Term Addiction Recovery - Explained

by Anna Deeds, Oct 2018

Why consider long-term addiction recovery over the standard 30 day rehab? Learn about successful recovery options and how to increase your treatment duration.

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