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Uniontown, PA, USA
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Life Is Worth Living Because...
“There are so many incredible, loving people in my life.”
My Story
“I am a recovering addict and a Licensed Professional Counselor. I have over 6 years clean from all substances and more than 10 years from illicit drugs. I work as an addiction counselor and have more than 5 years experience counseling addicts.”
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    Heroin Addiction Treatment - The Five Methods 01:47 - Dec 12, 2017 Heroin Addiction Treatment - The Five Methods

    For anyone struggling with heroin addiction, the treatment options can sometimes seem overwhelming. Learn what treatments are available and which one may be right for you.

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    12:48 - Jan 30, 2017 Methadone on Private Insurance

    I am not on Medicaid I live between Johnstown and Greensburg Pa. We spend 800$ month for 12 mili a day due to the fact they don't take private insurance. I do not think this is fair while others get paid for their fuel and meds by the state on ...

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    02:12 - Jul 22, 2016 Alcoholism Treatment without Insurance

    Hi, I'm an EAP Coordinator and have a friend who is suffering from Alcoholism. She has no insurance but wants help. I do not want her to detox by herself. Any suggestions on where to send her? Outpatient will not work. Thanks, Mike

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    02:03 - Jul 22, 2016 Is Withdrawal Worse the Longer You are on Suboxone?

    I have heard some real horror stories about how hard the withdrawals are from Suboxone. Will the withdrawals be a lot harder if I take the drug for a longer time? If I take it for only 3 months and then start to get off slowly will that be a lot ...

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    01:57 - Jul 22, 2016 Is There an Advantage to Withdrawal?

    Is there any advantage to suffering during detox? For example, to going cold turkey instead of Suboxone. I feel like if a man does not have to feel pain when stopping then there is not much stopping him from going back to use again, since he knows ...

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    01:47 - Jul 22, 2016 Help a Heavy Drinker Stay Healthier

    Everybody talks about getting people to quit but what I need information on his helping a person that doesn’t want to quit stay as healthy as possible. My partner is a 46 year old unrepentant heavy drinker who does not deny that he drinks too much ...

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    01:45 - Jul 22, 2016 Methadone on Private Insurance for the Employed

    Iam on 12 mili methadone daily. My hausband and I work instead of living off the state. it costs us 800$ a month between fuel and med. I see all these people on Medicaid get free med and fuel pay back; this is not fair. It is like the state does not ...

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    01:25 - Jul 22, 2016 Neurontin for Opiate Withdrawal

    What is your opinion on using neurontin as a medication to help with opiate withdrawal symptoms? I was looking for a remedy for the restless legs that plague me horribly every time I go through this and I see that some people say that neurontin ...

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    01:21 - Jul 22, 2016 SMART Recovery Vs. AA

    Do you think SMART recovery is an effective alcoholism recovery system? Do you think that online meetings work as well as fact to fact meetings (which would have to be AA for me in my community). I do not like the system of AA but do you think I ...

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    01:20 - Jul 22, 2016 Coming off Methadone

    What do you think is better. When you know and prepare for dosage methadone dosage reductions, like on a set schedule, or if they just do it for you secretly, so you don’t get so freaked out and psyche yourself out about what’s coming. I forget what ...

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