Dr. David Sack

Dr. David Sack

Psychiatrist, MD
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Elements Behavioral Health
17785 Center Court Drive
Cerritos, CA, USA 90703

Treatment Offered

Compulsive Disorders, OCD, Addiction or Substance Abuse, Mood Disorders, Psychosis, Personality Disorders, Impulse Control Disorders, Depression
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Years in Practice: 20+ Years
Graduated from: Rush Medical College
Year Graduated: 1978
Board Certification: Board Certified Addiction Psychiatrist

Dr. David Sack's Most Recent Activity on Choose Help

  • 1
    Q & A Reply: 11:03 - Jul 22, 2016 Pro DJ with Cocaine Addiction Concerned about Triggers

    I’m a pro DJ with a cocaine problem. Things are getting out of hand and I have decided to get some treatment. The problem is my job and my drug use are pretty linked together. I can’t imagine doing my job without being very tempted to use cocaine ...

  • 2
    Q & A Reply: 11:01 - Jul 22, 2016 Suboxone for Vicodin Dependency with Mood Disorder

    i have beeen taking prescribed vicodin for 3 years about 15- 30 mg max a day. I actually only took 4 to 5 pills a day several times. I am now at a 2- 3 5 mg pill habit. I take to feel better. I already have a mood disorder and wonder if this is ...

  • 3
    Q & A Reply: 11:00 - Jul 22, 2016 Heroin Overdose Risk

    My boyfriend is addicted to heroin. I recently found syringes in his room which means he's shooting up. How much would he have to do to overdose and die? This is my greatest fear.

  • 4
    Q & A Reply: 11:00 - Jul 22, 2016 Xanax and Suboxone: Risky Together?

    I take 2m Xanax everyday to help me with panic attacks (have them often) and have been on them for at least 4 years. Now, however, I am about to start taking Suboxone to help with my withdrawl symptoms from getting off of pain killers. My body is ...

  • 5
    Q & A Reply: 06:28 - Jul 22, 2016 How Long Does Xanax Withdrawal Last? How Do I Cope?

    i have went off all my meds because i have lost my health ins. so i had no choice one of them being xanax. anyway i guess im in withdraw and today is day 9. i just want to know how long before i'll feel better. my main problem now is feeling anxiety ...

  • 6
    Q & A Reply: 06:26 - Jul 22, 2016 Trying to Taper off Opiates Like Hydrocodone

    My fiance is detoxing this week after his tappering plan. He is coming off of hydros for back pain. This is his first day sober (with God's help he will achieve the whole day) and he and I are excited but very aware some things will be going on this ...

  • 7
    Q & A Reply: 09:11 - Jul 18, 2016 I use Xanax for anxiety. Can I take Suboxone?

    I take Xanax for anxiety problems and I am also addicted to Vicodins. Can I use Suboxone to get off the opiates and still continue to take the Xanax?

  • 8
    Q & A Reply: 09:10 - Jul 18, 2016 Rapid opiate detox. Should I do it?

    I’m a 34 year old professional with an addiction to opiates. I have been using drugs recreationally since college, but strictly as a weekend kind of thing. About a year ago I started playing around with OxyContin and by now I can’t deny any longer ...

  • 9
    Q & A Reply: 09:08 - Jul 18, 2016 Does AA Work?

    Does AA work? I’ve known people that have gone to a few meetings and never had it really take hold, but as far as I can tell it’s not based on anything very scientific. I’m 24 and drink every day, and have been drinking for about 10 years and ...

  • 10
    Q & A Reply: 09:08 - Jul 18, 2016 Teen experimenting with herbal marijuana – does he need treatment?

    I caught my son with some sort of herbal marijuana, and I’m not sure how worried I should be. He says it not real marijuana, only some sort of herb blend and that it’s not even really illegal or harmful. He says it’s no big deal and that he’s smart ...

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