Focus on the Positive - Let God Handle the Negative
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Get Out of Your Own Way addresses how we stand in our own way of moving forward in life. We get in our own way with our negative thoughts, procrastination, fear, and doubt, etc. We can move forward ...

Sober With Humility
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Humility means admitting to the Lord that you cannot get better without His help. It means not worrying about what others may say about your recovery, and it means the end of denial. Real humility ...

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Christian Recovery - Jesus Said, One Day at a Time! © Coach O.

The Gospel of Mathew teaches us valuable recovery lessons, and reminds us that with a faith in the Lord, we have no need to worry about tomorrow!

This life can be tough...when we travel our journey alone, but the Lord has strength to spare! Use His strength and you will not fall. Use His strength and you will recover!

Recovery is scary. Even thinking about recovery is scary. It's a life transformation, and big changes in life are always frightening...but Christ walks with us. Christ does not test us with more than we can bear, and He commands Hope and Courage. Have faith, He walks with you, and He will walk you through recovery. Have faith, read the Bible and Pray, and do not be afraid.

The first 9 steps of the Christian 12 steps pull us up from the pains of addiction, step 10 keeps us healed. Step 10 is for life...step 10 is for God!

Christian Recovery: Let Go and Let God © Bernat...

Any journey to recovery begins with an acceptance that without God's wisdom, strength and love, that we have no chance. Let go and let God...He will show us the path and He will give us the strength to walk it! Don't worry anymore, beleive in Him, and get better!

Working through step 1 and 2 of the Christian 12 steps, you learn to accept God's gift of grace into your life; and you learn that through the grace of God you can get better!

Through step 4 of the 12 steps, making a fearless and searching inventory, we understand how we are flawed, we emerge past resentments in life that otherwise pull us to relapse, and we also rediscover our need for Christ. Step 4 is tough, it can be painful, but it's also beautiful!

Although you are powerless over your addiction and in need of God's help, you must not confuse powerlessness with passivity. You need to work to get better!

Humility; You Can't Get Sober Without It! © Quixotic54

Humility means admitting to the Lord that you cannot get better without His help. It means not worrying about what others may say about your recovery, and it means the end of denial. Real humility before God is the first step to getting better.

When we make amends thinking of how we will feel better, we get nothing. When we make amends truly thinking of how we can make someone else feel better; we gain so much!

Christians have taken the 12 steps of AA and altered these storied recovery steps to better reflect the healing power of direct prayer to Jesus Christ. Christian rehab uses the Christian 12 steps as a part of a spiritual solution to addiction, and when combined with prayer, bible study and religious instruction; recovering addicts leave treatment well equipped for a lifetime of better and sober living before God.

Healed by faith © jillian Anne Photography

Through submitting to the will of the Lord, through an acceptance that only through Jesus Christ can you overcome addiction and through a willingness to humble yourself before God; you can overcome your addiction.

Forgiveness © John Steven Fernandez

Only through making amends to our family, to our community and to God, can we forgive ourselves, and become reborn free of sin through God's love.

Submit to a Higher Power © Mulmatsherm

Through accepting Jesus Christ as your savior, and by submitting to His will, you will renew your relationship with God. You will find hold in the Christian community, and in the fellowship offered by this community.

Christian rehab programs invite both those people who have accepted Jesus Christ as their savior, as well as those looking for answers to their addiction and interested in getting healed through the love of God.

What is Christian Recovery? © Daniel Y Go.

Faith based Christian recovery encourages Christians to accept Jesus Christ into their hearts, and let His will and His strength guide them from their weakness, to the fulfillment of a life free from addiction in the fellowship of the Christian Church.

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  • Let Go and Let God: Recovery takes work, but when we trust in God to show us the way we gain the wisdom we need to walk the right path
  • The Christian 12 Steps: These steps, which are similar to the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, have you pray to Christ by name and use the power of Faith, humility, forgiveness and good works to provide a framework for a recovery journey
  • Christian Rehab: Faith based residential treatment centers use the best of secular recovery techniques combined with the powers of prayer, Christian counseling and bible study.
Christian Recovery
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