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Won't Commit and Can't be Committed

answered 01:38 PM EST, Fri January 17, 2014
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My exhusband is an alcoholic I'm seeding help mainly for our children who are the ones suffering now. Last year he lost his job due to drinking he is living with his 70+ year old mother and refuses to help her. She has taking him to the doctor and the doctor has told him to stop drinking or you will die. His mother got the doctor to perscribe annibuse, I don't know if he take this or not. He still refuses to stop drinking. I believe he is depressed also after so many years of drinking can his children have him commited so he will get the help he need. He has done the AA and to him it is his god given right to drink.

Jim LaPierre Says...

Hi there and thank you for your question.

My heart goes out to you and to your children. The pain caused by an active alcoholic can be devastating. I'm sorry to share with you that no, it is not possible to have him committed to treatment. They would hold him only until he is medically stable and then allow him to leave. Your children and yourself need to understand and accept that you did not create this, cannot prevent this and are not in any way responsible for it. I highly recommend reading about adult children of alcoholics. Janet Woititz has the very best books on the subject. I recommend Al Anon & Nar Anon as systems of support from people who have been/are where you are.

Talk with each other - share and support one another by sharing your grief and feelings.

Blessed be,


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