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Handling and Preventing Stress: A 3-Step Approach

Feeling stressed out? Want to reduce the negative impact of stress on your health and happiness? Here is an easy 3-part recipe to more serenity.

by John Lee, Dec 2014 Stress & Burnout

Avoid Marijuana Relapse – Identify Risky Situations

by John Lee, Dec 2014

To prevent early marijuana relapse, identify high risk situations and prepare specific coping strategies in advance.

How to Find Your Ideal AA Sponsor

by Jim LaPierre, Dec 2014

Developing a support system in early recovery can be overwhelming. Choosing a sponsor is an important choice that gives stability. Here's what to look out for.

How to Manage Tramadol Withdrawal Symptoms

by John Lee, Dec 2014

A how-to guide with practical advice on coping with the opiate-like and atypical withdrawal symptoms of tramadol discontinuation.

Mental Health Intervention: "Safety First!"

by Evan Jarschauer, Dec 2014

Planning a safe and successful mental health intervention requires a clear, comprehensive, and compassionate plan. Rather than trying to break down the seemingly impenetrable walls of mental illness on your own, consider breaking right through them with professional help.

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