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Addiction Treatment: Strategies for Coping While on a Waiting List + Minimizing Your Wait Time

Tips for minimizing the time you spend on a treatment waiting list and making good use of whatever time you have to sit through.

Protecting Your Privacy in Recovery

by Jim LaPierre, Jul 2014

Staying anonymous in a social media world - how to balance getting the recovery support you need with maintaining anonymity.

8 Item Recovery Wellness Checklist

by John Lee, Jul 2014

Decrease your relapse odds and increase your happiness, resilience and health by focusing on balanced wellness. Here’s an 8 item wellness checklist with suggestions for small changes you can make today.

Avoiding Recovery Pitfalls at 1, 3, 6, 9 and 12 Months

by Jim LaPierre, Jul 2014

Recovery milestones like the first 30, 90 or 365 days can increase your relapse risks. Learn about the specific dangers and pitfalls at each stage and get prepared to avoid them

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