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5 Reasons Why the California Society of Addiction Medicine Rejects Rapid Opioid Detox
© Waldo Jaquith

Though the idea of avoiding withdrawal symptoms while under sedation sounds appealing, the California Society of Addiction Medicine does not endorse rapid opioid detox. Here are 5 primary reasons why ...

by John Lee, Apr 2014 Detox

7 Reasons Why Street Suboxone Won't Help You

by Anna Deeds, Apr 2014

Why does it matter where you get the Suboxone? Well, when you buy street Suboxone you still associate with dealers, you rarely get counseling, you're not forced to make life changes and you use it more like drug than a medication.

Image © Linus Ekenstam

Getting Marriage Therapy without Your Partner

by Rev. Christopher Smith, Apr 2014

Find out how marriage therapy can save your relationship - even when your partner won't get involved.

Image © BerleWPhotography

Opioid Use Self Test: 15 Signs of Misuse

by John Lee, Apr 2014

Do you use opioids (or does someone you love)? It’s so easy to slide from responsible use to dangerous misuse. Test yourself to make sure you’re not falling into addiction.

Image © B Tal

Opioid Addiction Treatment for Chronic Pain Patients

by John Lee, Apr 2014

Three opioid addiction treatment options for people with chronic pain – including options for people who still need opioids for analgesia.

Image © Send Me Adrift

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