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10 Best Recovery Slogans & How to Apply Them

Folks in 12 step programs understand that in early recovery, we can't remember things even if we want to. They provide us with acronyms and simple sayings that speak volumes.

AA for Beginners – What You Need to Know

by John Lee, Sep 2014

New to AA? Start here – a list of 9 quick-read articles answering all your important questions on getting started with the 12 steps.

Bored? Replace Cannabis with These 50 Activities

by John Lee, Sep 2014

Boredom can kill a marijuana quit attempt, so don’t get bored! Here are 50 easy and enjoyable activities that substitute for getting high and help keep you distracted from your marijuana cravings.

Avoid Marijuana Relapse – Identify Risky Situations

by John Lee, Sep 2014

To prevent early marijuana relapse, identify high risk situations and prepare specific coping strategies in advance.

Is Marijuana Maintenance a Good Idea?

by John Lee, Sep 2014

Looking at the scientific evidence for and against marijuana as a substitution medication for alcoholism.

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