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Fear of Fear Itself - Is Excessive Fear Holding You Back?

Fear can keep us safe; but fear can also keep us too safe. Too little fear may cause too much loss. So what's the difference? How can we tell if we have too much fear or too little?

by Emi Whittle, Sep 2014 Counseling

How to Set a Marijuana Quit Date

by John Lee, Aug 2014

Once you decide it’s time to quit, improve your odds by picking a quit date, telling loved-ones about your plan, and getting prepared.

Stopping Marijuana, 7 Common Obstacles

by John Lee, Aug 2014

Want to stop smoking marijuana? Here are 7 common problems that can lead to relapse (insomnia, boredom, a need for relaxation, etc.), along with solutions for each problem.

10 Ways to Support a Loved-One's Recovery

by Jim LaPierre, Aug 2014

Supporting recovery - you're probably unsure about what's helpful and appropriate. The list below may surprise you. Here's how you can help.

10 Steps to Quitting Marijuana

by John Lee, Aug 2014

When quitting marijuana, preparation and planning increase your odds of success. Here are ten easy exercises to complete in the week leading up to your quit date.

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