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Substance Abuse & Addiction Risk Factors for Older Americans

When older Americans use drugs it’s often for the same reasons that teenagers do: to cope, out of curiosity, and from a lack of passions. Feelings of mortality, boredom and loneliness are common ...

by Jim LaPierre, Jul 2015 Older Adults

Too Smart for the 12 Steps? Why Showing Up Matters

by Jim LaPierre, Jun 2015

Early recovery is a difficult time. We must keep it simple and have an open mind, if we are to find our way to a better life.

10 Barriers to Addiction Treatment for Seniors

by James Cloughley, Jun 2015

Older adults find it difficult to access good, knowledgeable and age-appropriate treatment programs. Here are ten major reasons why seniors are under served in this area.

Avoiding Overdose when Starting with Methadone

by John Lee, Jun 2015

Your risk of overdose is higher during the first 2 weeks on methadone than it was before you started. Learn how to stay safe until you get stabilized.

Dealing with Emotions in Early Recovery: There Are No "Quick Fixes"

by Jim LaPierre, Jun 2015

During early recovery we often find ourselves raw. But you can't heal what you can't feel. There are no quick fixes. Learn how to let it go.

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