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16-Point Safety Checklist before Sending Your Teen to Residential Treatment

Considering residential rehab treatment for your teenager? First read this warning-sign checklist to spot and avoid dangerous or ineffective programs.

by John Lee, May 2015 Teenagers

Why Interventions Fail: Avoiding Pitfalls

by Jim LaPierre, May 2015

Popular TV shows like Intervention and Dr. Phil would have us believe that people always change for the better when confronted. This simply isn’t true.

Listen to Your Body and Beat Stress

by John Lee, May 2015

Listen to your body to quickly diagnose a stress reaction... and quickly regain your calm with 2 easy stress-busting techniques.

Entering Recovery as a Single Parent

by Jim LaPierre, May 2015

When caring for the kids means seeking help for addiction: Overwhelmed by the competing demands of daily life, single parents are at a higher risk for substance abuse and addiction.

Planning an Intervention... for Yourself

by Jim LaPierre, May 2015

Learn how to plan an intervention for yourself. There are countless pathways to recovery but none of them are walked alone. Find out what needs to be done, based on what's possible - not on what's comfortable.

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