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How to Create Your Own Bucket List - 5 Practical Exercises

Try a few of these 5 quick and easy exercises to help you identify what matters most in life so you can maximize the time and energy you spend on what's truly important (some of your results may ...

by Emi Whittle, Jul 2014 Counseling

The 5 Reasons Teens Use Drugs or Alcohol

by John Lee, Jul 2014

The 5 most common reasons why adolescents use drugs or alcohol - Until you understand the motivation behind the drug use it’s hard to respond appropriately.

Are You Addicted? Take the APA's Test to Find Out

by John Lee, Jul 2014

How serious is your problem? Take the APA's 11 question test to self-diagnose the situation.

At Work: Handling Political or World-View Conflict

by Emi Whittle, Jul 2014

Strong differences in political, ethical, world-view and religious opinions can lead to workplace conflict. What can you do when opinion conflicts cause you problems at work?

Is Your Teen a Narcissist? Learn the Warning Signs

by Terri DiMatteo, Jul 2014

If an adolescent acts entitled, grandiose and self obsessed, does that mean she's a narcissist? Maybe...but probably not. Learn the differences between normal traits of teen development and those of narcissistic personality disorder.

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