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How much is too much worry?

answered 07:24 PM EST, Thu December 08, 2011
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How do I know if my anxiety is normal or not? I have always been a person who thinks a lot about things and it is rare that I don’t lie awake for a while most nights worrying about something or other. This is just always the way I have been, since I have been an adult anyway. A friend recently suggested that my worrying wasn’t normal and that I should consider seeing someone about it. It really surprised e to hear her say this as I had never really considered the possibility that I might be mentally ill. So is how I am normal or abnormal – and how can I tell the difference between the two?

David Johnson Says...

If you don't think your worry is a problem, if it causes you no more than minor annoyance, then its not a problem. Mental illness interferes with a persons ability to work, maintain relationships and take care of personal business. Lack of sleep may signal a problem IF it causes you problems in the above areas.

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