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Sobriety vs Recovery

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answered 12:09 PM EST, Sun March 24, 2013
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Are the 12 steps the best system to use to quit drinking.

Jim LaPierre Says...

There are at least three issues here: getting sober, staying sober, and recovering. Getting sober only requires that we don't drink today. Staying sober means not drinking one day at a time (AA helps make this manageable), and recovery means changing your life and dealing with everything you didn't/couldn't deal with when you were drinking.

Sobriety is a mixed bag - it helps your life not get worse - it takes a lot of work and change to make it better.

Folks in AA are the experts in my opinion and they have more to offer than any professional. They're roughly 4 million times more powerful than what I can do as an addictions counselor.

I encourage you not to look for any one answer - get several - get friends, family, organizations - get everyone on your side and be honest with them. Let them help you create a better life.

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