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Minty Fresh, Kills Germs, Gets you Drunk

answered 09:51 PM EST, Sun March 17, 2013
anonymous anonymous
How bad is it if someone drinks Listerine. Like a lot of Listerine. My brother drank like 2 big bottles of Listerine last weekend because there was no alcohol at the cottage and there was supposed to be. He snuck it but he smelled very super minty and I couldn’t find the 2 big bottles that I had just bought at price club. I think he is probably an alcoholic.

Jim LaPierre Says...

It seems you have good reason to be concerned. Drinking mouth wash in large amounts can get one intoxicated and I'd consider it a huge red flag for alcoholism. The other issue of concern is that drinking a substance like that is going to do a number on his GI system in a hurry. I'd strongly encourage you to share your concern and offer support. I suggest steering clear of anything confrontational or shaming - rather simply state your concern and offer to support his efforts to be healthier and see where the discussion goes. I commend you for caring and wish you good luck!

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