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Addiction is Addiction is Addiction

answered 08:36 AM EST, Sat April 13, 2013
anonymous anonymous
Is there a difference between alcohol rehab and drug rehab? I am not sure I want to get treatment with hard drug users. I realize this makes me sound a bit elitist but I’ prefer to think of myself as a pragmatist and just don’t think I would have much in common with a street heroin user or a person going to crack houses.

Jim LaPierre Says...

Hi and thanks for your question. My short answer is that you seem to be making some interesting assumptions about alcoholics as a group. In my experience the disease of addiction is the only true equal opportunity. Alcoholism doesn't care about race, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation or socioeconomic status. You're likely to encounter a very diverse group of people in any rehab unless you're able to afford an upscale spa rehab. It's true that heroin addicts may have different experiences in that perhaps you've never mainlined a drug into your system...but I encourage you to consider that assumptions are almost always self limiting.

We all want to be understood - having your life ruined by alcohol is not fundamentally different than having it ruined by any other drug. I'd encourage you to consider what you might learn from others and if you just can't feel ok about it than by all means check out a facility that serves only alcohol recovery. Good luck!

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