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Step by Step Rung by Rung

answered 11:50 PM EST, Sat February 23, 2013
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How important is actually working the steps? Do people who go to AA meetings but never make any progress down the steps always fall off the wagon? I am having a lot of problem with just the first and second steps so it is discouraging but I actually like going to a daily meeting and there are some cool people in my home group. I am only 3 days sober at the moment but I have been trying hard for the last 3 months and doing better.

Jim LaPierre Says...

Great start! The steps are a road map to transformation and a spiritual awakening but they are optional. The only requirement for membership in AA is an earnest desire to not drink. You're seeing a lot of benefits and you are free to simply focus on those. There is no right or wrong way to work the steps - some move quickly through them, some go very slowly. We do what we can when we can!

All you need to consider for now is the heart and soul of step one - that you are powerless over your addiction and that it has made your life unmanageable. If you worked only that step for your first year of sobriety it would be more than enough. Be patient with yourself and don't be in a rush - it took you years to get where you are today - it will take a while to get to where you want to be.

Surround yourself with good people - lean on them! Even though it's hard to believe, it helps those folks to help you! Good luck!

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