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I Don't Use Drugs but I Failed a Drug Test.

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answered 08:29 PM EST, Thu April 05, 2012
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Hello. I have been with my boyfriend for over 10 years and we have kids together. I am unemployed and had some depression issues especially when I failed a drug test. I don't do any drugs. So I have been questioning God and my own life. Then, one day I came across a plate with a dollar bill on it with powder substances on it. So I confronted my boyfriend and he admitted it and stated he does not do it often.

I am trying to figure out how it got into my system. Now, I know how it got into my system, because he is smoking it in my house. I am confuse and I don't know what to do. I thinking should I just kick him out or try to help. Then I don't even know how to help. We don't really have good communication with each other. My feelings right now: I am a bit on the angry side. It was 2 jobs that was in my hands, but because of him I am still unemployed.

Lita Perna Says...

Lita Perna L. Perna
MA, Family and Community Counseling

You did not say what drug you tested positive for. I am also unclear if you failed the test for two different jobs.

I will assume you tested positive for Benzoylecgonine, the metabolite (what’s left behind) that a body creates when cocaine has been consumed. It is proof that you have knowingly or unknowingly ingested cocaine in some form.

To the best of my knowledge you cannot fail a drug test if your boyfriend is smoking cocaine when you aren’t even around when he is doing it.

Because you are unemployed I suggest you:

  1. Apply for the LINK Card for food.
  2. Apply for the Medicaid Card for medical care for you and the kids.
  3. Get a check up to determine why you failed a drug test.
  4. Make an appointment at a community mental health center to deal with the depression and get some ideas about how to help yourself and your kids.
  5. You and your kids need help first.
  6. You need someone to help you feel less confused and help you make some plans and set some goals.
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