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Doper Scout Leader

answered 12:11 AM EST, Wed July 18, 2012
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I saw my son's scout leader at a local bar and he was obviously doing cocaine in the bathroom. He has always been a tremendous giver of his time to the kids in the community through the scouts but now I really do not know what to think. Should I be worried? He takes the kids on overnight camping trips and sometimes he is the only adult present. He also drives kids around. I do not know a lot about cocaine other than to know how addictive it is. Should I tell the other parents? Should I report him to the scouting organization? Am I overreacting?

Lita Perna Says...

Lita Perna L. Perna
MA, Family and Community Counseling

How do you know your son’s scout leader was doing cocaine in the bathroom?

Are you sure? Why?

If it is true that he was doing cocaine in the bathroom then yes, you should be worried.

At the very least, the scout leader is a hypocrite.

I don’t think you’re over reacting. You’ve learned about a whole different side of this guy that you never expected. You’re probably disappointed and disillusioned. Jeez — if you can’t trust a scout leader, who can you trust?

Now you might be wondering what else you don’t you know about this guy.

Jerry Sandusky was also a ‘tremendous giver of his time’ and though I am not equating child sexual abuse with using cocaine, it’s something to think about. Neither man has the type of character that kids should be around.

Doing drugs and being a scout leader doesn’t fit in the same world. You don’t ‘earn’ the right to do cocaine, but you do earn the right to be a leader of kids.

Where do you see your responsibility? What are the possible consequences of your actions if you decide to act? What could be the consequences if you don’t? Should you go to the scout leader first and tell him what you suspect? Should you report him to the scouting organization?

Only you can make that call.

The universe has put the responsibility in your hands.

If your son had found out instead of you, what would you want him to do?

Would you want him to be quiet or would you want him to tell?

Just remember Jerry Sandusky. If someone had spoken up sooner, fewer kids would have suffered and been harmed.

And if anything happens to any of these kis while in this guy's care, how will you feel if you said nothing?

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