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Where do I find out how to deal with food addiction?

answered 07:40 AM EST, Fri June 22, 2012
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I am what you would probably consider a food addict. I am trying to control my eating through will power and it is very hard. Is there a better way to approach this? Right now I am trying to limit my calories and increase my exercise levels. I am trying to do the sensible dietary plan that my doctor recommended. The thing he didn’t talk about though was that on this sensible diet plan I will be obsessing about food literally very minute of the day. I am hungry and I am miserable and I do not think this is going to last for me for long.

William Anderson Says...

Food addiction is real and it sounds like you might have it. Just "making up your mind" and trying to use "will power" doesn't work. Chances are that your doctor has no idea what you are up against and is clueless about what to do to beat it.

You need to learn more about food addiction. Read all my Q&A's here about weight control and food addiction. Read everything at my website, www.TheAndersonMethod.com , with the table of contents of articles at the bottom right of the page. There are a number of articles that describe food addiction and how to deal with it. Read my book, The Anderson Method, which teaches about food addiction and describes the structured comprehensive program I provide to manage it.

Don't be surprised when people tell you to "just don't eat", even people you think should know more about food addiction, like doctors and dieticians. Very few people know about food addiction and even fewer know how to recover from it. Get to work learning more, and when you've read everything I've referred to, don't hesitate to call on me again for more resources like OA, FA, FAA and even more. There is lots to learn.   

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