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Cocaine and crack cocaine are two of the most serious drug threats in Missouri (particularly in St Louis), meth is problematic all over and heroin is big in KC. Alcohol abuse is state-wide and prescription pill abuse - particularly oxycontin abuse - is also a significant challenge in Missouri. The truth is that there are few families in Missouri so fortunate as to remain completely untouched by the pains of drug addiction and alcoholism. A societal problem that pervades big cities and small towns alike and that has caught an estimated 30 million Americans in its web of pain.

Missouri law supports some insurance parity for substance abuse treatment needs, but this legislation is not comprehensive, and insurance companies are not required to provide the same type of funding for drug and alcohol treatment as they must for physical health conditions.

Fortunately, even for those people without insurance and for those who cannot dream of paying for private rehab treatment, Missouri also offers several very affordable or even free drug and alcohol rehabs throughout the state. These charity or non-profit drug and alcohol rehabs provide treatment based solely on need and will work with you to ensure that you can afford the costs.

If you or a loved one has a problem with alcohol or drugs, you can contact a treatment program for help. They can help you get the services you or a loved one needs.

The state will also provide funding for drug and alcohol treatment, and in some cases, even if you are not eligible for other state subsidies, you may qualify for subsidized drug or alcohol treatment. The Missouri Division of Behavioral Health provides alcohol and drug programs for children, teenagers, and adults around the state.

To inquire about your eligibility for state-funded services, call thei helpline (573) 751-4942 or (800) 575-7480.

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