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Can an Intervention be Arranged for Obesity, for a Food Addict?

answered 08:32 AM EST, Mon June 04, 2012
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Have you ever heard of anyone running a food addiction intervention? My husband is getting very overweight and he does not seem to be able to control his eating. I try to limit the junk food that comes into the house but he is constantly hiding chocolate bars and other sugary foods around the house and in his car. He refuses to talk about the issue seriously and he just makes a joke or a game out of it, like he is trying to outwit me for fun to get his candy. He is about 6 foot tall and he is almost 400 pounds now, but I do not actually know how heavy he really is since our scale does not go up high enough. If he does not change I am going to be a widow before he is 40 and he is going to leave our 2 young kids without a father.

Should I try a food addiction intervention? Is there such a thing? I am almost ready to leave him if he won’t at least try to get healthier. I can’t stand watching this anymore. What kind of treatment does he need?

William Anderson Says...

Absolutely, you can have an intervention for a food addict. It sounds like you have the ingredients for an effective session. Once you select a therapist/counselor to work with, you can tell the therapist you are considering leaving your husband, and you can have a couple's session to help decide what to do. Learning that you have talked to a counselor about possibly leaving him will be a powerful wake-up call for your husband, and the counselor will help create an effective plan of action. It will be much more effective than just another go-around about it with only the two of you.

Find a counselor with expertise in both family therapy and eating disorders. You can call treatment centers for referrals to therapists near you, and you can search online therapist directories, which should detail the areas of expertise for each therapist listed. Make an appointment for just yourself to meet with the therapist, and then go from there.

Start searching and making calls. Best wishes.

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