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I think I am a food addict. Is Overeaters Anonymous going to be helpful for me?

answered 07:31 AM EST, Tue May 14, 2013
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I think I am a food addict. Is overeaters anonymous going to be helpful for me or are these types of meetings missing the point?

William Anderson Says...

Go. Get started learning everything you can about food addiction. Google OA. Google Food Addicts Anonymous and Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous. Read. Go to some meetings. Read all my articles here at ChooseHelp.com about food addiction. Read the articles at my website. Read the article at my website answering the question, "Is there such a thing as food addiction?" and read about my solution as well as others.

Food addiction is real and it can be solved. When you solve it, you will know more and be better off than people who never had the problem. Get started.

As far as OA meetings or anything else missing the point, learn more, and then you decide.

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