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What does it mean if I feel very uncomfortable eating in front of other people?

answered 08:58 PM EST, Wed April 03, 2013
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What does it mean if I feel very uncomfortable eating in front of other people. I am overweight. I have no problem eating per se but I will never eat until I am full. I always eat very sparingly and then eat much more on the way home alone. Does this mean I have issues with food that go beyond typical overeating?

William Anderson Says...

Yes, you are developing disordered eating and a complex set of issues or "complexes" related to your self esteem and relationship with others, as well as your own feelings, your body and your eating behavior. 

This is not a simple problem that you can figure out on your own. However, if you get the right help, it does not need to become a difficult problem. Call and set up an appointment with a licensed counselor that specializes in eating disorders. You will soon be on the road to some peace of mind and good health regarding this problem.

Rest assured that you are not alone or weird. Lots of other good people have had this problem and have solved it with the right help. Make that appointment today.



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