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How to Remember that I Want to Stop Drinking?

answered 08:00 AM EST, Tue August 02, 2011
Right now my head is pounding the screen is sort of shimmering in my sight and I can barely hold down my coffee. I am hungover and feeling pretty bad and I don’t want to do this anymore. But I know I will…How can I learn to keep the feelings I have in the mornings when I wake up hungover and full of self loathing active enough to remind me not to drink again by nightfall?

I drink pretty much every day and most days after a night of drinking I wake up really regretting the whole things and kind of promising to myself that I won’t do it again anymore.. but then as I start to feel better as the day goes on those thoughts seem to disappear somewhere and by the end of the workday when my friends are going out for a beer…there I am walking along beside them, not thinking at all about how I was feeling in the morning and what I wanted to do….and the cycle repeats itself.

Is there some sort of mental trick I can learn so that I can learn to keep my good intentions of the morning alive long enough to get me into bed without falling dead drunk into bed by nighttime?

Loren Gelberg-Goff Says...

In addition to starting with AA meetings and seeking a sponsor so that you have someone to call when urges hit, you can also make new and different choices.  I know that this sounds easier said than done, but there is no magic bullet. 

You may need to be in a rehab center, in order to detox your system, and start from a clean slate.

I don't know how long you've been drinking, but clearly this doesn't sound like a new habit.  Let's start with some clearly defined steps you can choose to take:

  1. In patient detox- rehab... even without ins. there are hospitals that will accept charity care, or emergency in-pt. service
  2. Out pt. AA meetings... Depending on where you live there are often many meetings offered at various times of day and night. You can check on-line for local mtgs times and locations.
  3. Think about times when you were sober and you handled your life... maybe not great, but you were sober.  Part of deciding to be sober, means you have to be willing to face yourself, your challenges, your fears with trust that you can, in fact cope.
  4. When urges to drink hit, you need to have someone to call who will support you in being sober.  That means that you can't call your friends with whom you grab a beer.  Who else is in your life who you can call???
  5. Are you really ready to be sober?  You started drinking for a reason... Are you ready to look at those reasons and make new decisions?
  6. Please know that the purpose of any addiction is to keep us away from our feelings...What feelings seem so overwhelming to you that you are desperately trying to drown them?  Trust me, you won't drown them, your feelings will  just become better swimmers.
  7. There are no tricks, there's just a simple basic willingness to face the truth that no matter what has happened in your life, Who You Are is worth fighting for, taking care of... that's the core decision you have to make... Are you willing to take care ofand love, respect and nurture yourself into health...
  8. Whether it's me, a sponsor a rehab center a doctor, etc... no one can care for you more than you do.  I'm willing to offer you the support, guidance, strategies and tools necessary to live a sober and more fulfilling life, but the work is yours...
  9. Stop, breathe & Focus... each and every time you feel an urge to drink... this will give you the time you may need to make a different choice.

I hope that some of these suggestions will prove to be helpful as you embark on a new path in your life...Wishing you the best, Loren


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