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Tapering & Titrating

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answered 07:45 AM EST, Thu November 08, 2012
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Is it possible to taper off heroin? How low do you have to get too before the withdrawals aren’t too bad?

Jim LaPierre Says...

It is possible to withdraw from any drug but it is best and most safely done under the supervision of a doctor. Reducing dose of drugs like heroin is problematic because it is not simply the amount that is a variable - it is also the purity of the heroin that impacts dependence and withdrawal. Short term detox is your best option - consulting a doctor is the only way to know for sure.

If you cannot get medical assistance or don't have health insurance, I'd suggest asking friends and family to help you as you withdraw and if your health starts to fail, call 911 and/or get to the emergency room immediately.

What you're considering doing is incredibly brave but in the short term it is also dangerous. Look at it this way - staying on the drug will kill you and coming off will mean you spend 3-7 days wishing you could die but after that you get to have a life. Choose life. Good luck and blessed be.  

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