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Adolescents and marijuana

answered 11:15 PM EST, Mon February 12, 2018
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I am at a loss . No one really wants to help me and everyone said it's my fault because I let my kid get a license, which gave him freedom to leave small town. Now he's in the throes of loving to smoke weed. I can't reason with him, and he tells me he smokes it, and now that I know what it smells like, He has not hit the other drugs, as far as I can tell. I can tell. He's so close to 18 and I just am not sure what to do to not lose him forever. He listens to underground rap and well, he wants to look like them and well, I am not a millionaire

Jim LaPierre Says...

Thank you for connecting with us. I totally understand the feeling of being concerned about your son as he is on the cusp of becoming an adult. I certainly would not fault you for allowing him to get a license as this is an important life skill. I would say the best you can do is express your concerns to your son and I urge you to do so without being overly critical of his those he looks up to. Relating to our children as adults is a huge transition. Share concerns without judgment and be patient. As a father who has been a young man and raised a young man I can tell you that at 18 we know everything and as Mark Twain noted, "By the time I was 21, my father (or mother) was the smartest person I knew. It's amazing how much he learned in three years!"

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