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Marijuana as a Learning Aid?

answered 12:16 PM EST, Mon August 13, 2012
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I am a 19 year old college student with ADD. I have tried several ADD/ADHD medications over the years but I have never found the benefits to be worth the side effects which I do not like and the health risks I believe are minimized by doctors. I am not a big drinker or drug user but I was introduced to marijuana this summer. To my surprise, I found that small doses of marijuana like just a few tokes really helped me focus a lot more and didn't seem to have any negative side effects other than making me feel a little more tired than usual a few hours later. 

I am not someone who likes to party or get high very much but I am interested in doing well at school and my ADD makes it more difficult. I am considering trying marijuana as a daily before class medication to improve my concentration, but I am worried that its effects on memory may negate its beneficial effects on concentration. At very low doses, do I need to be worried about memory side effects from daily marijuana use? Do you know if marijuana has ever been used as a learning aid medication before?

Lita Perna Says...

Lita Perna L. Perna
MA, Family and Community Counseling

This is an excellent and thoughtful question.

Because I am licensed, I cannot ethically or legally condone illegal drug use.

But I can direct you to resources.

Please Google: ADHD and Marijuana, On Marijuana and ADHD and ADHD and Medicinal Marijuana...for starters.

There is a lot of material.

Read the debates. Consider the words of experts. Consult with physicians. 

This is a partial quote from the article, ADHD and Medical Marijuana

"The preponderance of studies show marijuana use is overwhelmingly prevalent with ADHD sufferers, either as a self-medicament or for recreation. While some apply preconceptions that marijuana exacerbates ADHD almost all California cannabinologists believe camnabis and cannabinoids have substantially improved the lives of ADHD sufferers, and with less negative side effects than common stimulant drug ADHD treatments."

You will read other views that strongly disagree with this one.

You are obviously thoughtful and intelligent. You need to weigh the benefits vs the risks, but first you need to know them.

Aside from all this, you risk being arrested, maybe suspended or expelled from school.

That's a whole different set of problems.

Do you really think any cop or any judge will believe you when you tell them you use weed to help you study?

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