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Managing Anxiety with Alternative Treatments

answered 04:56 PM EST, Tue July 03, 2012
anonymous anonymous
Someone told me that apple cider vinegar helped with anxiety. Is this true?

Dr. Lani Chin Says...

Some individuals have claimed that small doses of apple cider vinegar diluted in water has helped manage their anxiety.  I personally do not have any experience of seeing the effect or recommending this treatment to patients.  It would be difficult to prove that apple cider vinegar actually reduces symptoms or if there is a "placebo effect" occurring.  As a result, this would be considered an alternative form of treatment that does not have scientific proof of working.  I would recommend you look up psychotherapists in your area that have direct experience of using techniques that have been shown to decrease anxiety and/or to teach you tools to manage your anxiety on your own.  Good luck to you.

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