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Self-Control, NOT Control of Others

answered 12:25 AM EST, Fri July 05, 2013
mus2do mus2do tehran
I use methamphetamine and methadone (12 mil a day) every day, my wife recently quitted and is going to NA. She gets very angry at times and makes me angry too... I don't know how to control the situation. Could you please give me some suggestions

Dr. Mark Abrahams Says...

Dr.  Mark Abrahams . Abrahams

Sorry, but it seems to me that your wife is in the process of reclaiming some control over her life. Going to NA is the best choice she could make. If her road to recovery causes a major rift in your marriage, the only sane recourse is for you to join her on the road to recovery, before you take the road to the morgue. Sound cold? It's not intended to sound cold, it's intended to sound like "tough love." 

I'm on the side of anyone who wants to be whole, wholesome, holy, healthy. These words all derive from the same root. Living between the extremes of stimulants and narcotics is a madness all of its own, like driving a car with the brakes on. It's inevitably gonna burn out and die. If that's what you want to do, don't take her down with you. If you don't care and want her on a death-trip with you, then let her go so she can live and seek the meaning of her life. 

"Peace, and long life."

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