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Ambien: Evil Drug and Living in HELL

answered 04:10 PM EST, Mon May 07, 2012
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I am addicted to Ambien. I started taking it a year and a half ago and now I am up to 20mgs a day (more than I am prescribed I have to buy extra from my weed dealer). I curse the fact that my doctor ever gave me this evil med. It worked for a while but I still don’t sleep well now but if I don’t take it I have night terrors and hallucinations and shakes and depression and headaches. It is HELL. I do not think I can ever get off this drug on my own. Is there something I could do like go to rehab where they could medicate me to get through the worst of these withdrawals? I can’t do it on my own but I am tired of being a slave to this evil drug!!!

Lita Perna Says...

Lita Perna L. Perna
MA, Family and Community Counseling

Fortunately, you can get off, but you must tell your doctor (or another doctor) the truth.

Yes there are medications that will help but you must see a doctor.

There are forums on the web that may encourage you and give you strength, but you need to see a doctor.

I suggest you look for a physician who specializes in addiction medicine. The quicker you find one and the quicker you call and the quicker you make an appointment the quicker you’ll end this nightmare.

Did you get how many times I suggested you see a doctor? Good.

Because you don’t have to do it alone.

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