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Do Steroids Count?

answered 04:44 PM EST, Fri November 01, 2013
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Do steroids or HGH count as drugs? I’m an ex drug addict and alcoholic. Can I take these without risking my sobriety?

Anna Deeds Says...

Anna Deeds A. Deeds

Thank you for your question. In your question, you left out some valuable information that could help me answer your question. Are the steroids (or HGH) being prescribed from a doctor? Are they for a legitimate health reason? Do you want to take them to bulk up for weight lifting?

If they are for a legitimate health reason and are prescribed by a legitimate doctor (not one who will prescribe anything for a price), then I don't see a problem with taking them. If they are just for weight lifting, adding bulk, increasing performance in sports or some other reason unrelated to a real medical need, then I do think there is a problem with taking them.

Anytime you take any medication that is not prescribed by a doctor, you are risking your health and your sobriety. If you are not a doctor, you cannot possibly know what kind of reaction a medication can have. Even a doctor cannot always predict when someone will have a bad reaction to a medication. document. If you are getting medication from a doctor, they can monitor you and they are available to call if you do have a bad reaction.

For an addict in recovery, 'old behaviors' can lead to relapse. "Old behaviors' are behaviors that were a part of your addiction. These include lying, stealing, manipulating and anything illegal. Taking any medication that is not prescribed to you is illegal. Doing anything illegal can make you feel guilty. Addicts are more prone to relapse when they feel negative emotions like guilt. No one likes to feel bad. An addict's way of coping with feeling bad is to use drugs. So, in recovery, we must be careful to avoid these emotions whenever possible. It's obviously not always possible to avoid all negative emotions but you can avoid guilt by doing the right thing.

In addition, buying steroids can put you in contact with the same people, places and things that you had to remove from your life in recovery. And when you do one thing that is wrong, it is easier to do something else that is wrong. Let's say you buy steroids from someone and they offer to sell you another drug. It will be easier to buy another drug when you're already buying one thing that is illegal.

I hope this answers your question. If you are in a recovery program, I hope you will also bring this up with your support. It may help you to confirm the answer through more than one person. Good luck with your recovery!


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