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The Probelm Is Not Food In the Food Addctions

answered 10:52 PM EST, Sun July 21, 2013
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I have a food addiction. I am addicted most to sugar and carbs. Will a sugar free diet cure my addiction?

Dr. Arthur Trotzky Says...

No. It will probably cause cravings for sugar. You need to get a support system for treating food addiction. It''s like asking "If I am an alcoholic and I stop drinking will that cure my alcoholism?" You need to treat the addiction and not be on a diet.

You need to have a food plan also eliminating white flour along with the sugar and to control portion size. Most important is to understand what the problem is and the problem is not food. Food is the substance one uses to alter feelings and that is why I suggest having a support system to deal with the feelings. It's not what your eating but what's eating you. Good Luck.

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