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Taoist in recovery

answered 08:47 AM EST, Sun February 05, 2012
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Is there any such thing as Taoist based addiction treatment?

Donna Hunter Says...

Donna Hunter D. Hunter

The ancient Chinese religion of Taoism is not entirely distinct from Confucianism or Chinese folk religion, for all Chinese religion and philosophy operate within the same ancient worldview.

Since earliest times, Chinese thought has been characterized by an awareness of man's close relationship with nature and the universe, a cyclical view of time and the universe, veneration or worship of ancestors, the idea of Heaven, and belief in the divinity of the sovereign.

Both Confucianism and Taoism operate within this worldview and incorporate many of its concepts. These two organized belief systems are best viewed as complementary rather than competitive. While Confucianism concerns itself with the social and moral side of life, Taoism focuses on the individual, spiritual life. (Source: http://www.religionfacts.com/taoism/beliefs.htm)

The 12 Steps of AA have a person "come to believe that a Power greater than ourselves cold restore us to sanity" and "Make a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood him". Unfortunately most people who avoid the 12 step process believe that it is a Judeo-Christian ideology. Those who have been in the program understand Bill W and Dr. Bob were clear- God as we understand him. It is about believing there is something outside of ourselves, bigger than us. Whether it be a Christian God or "the Tao is the mysterious natural order of the universe".

I know there are treatment centers that incorporate Tao principles just as some incorporate the Red Road and Native American principles. In the end most find that as long as the addict believes in something greater than themselves this power will help the restore their life to sanity.

There is also a book called the "Tao of Recovery; A quiet path to wellness".


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