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answered 05:03 PM EST, Fri February 22, 2013
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I am a recovering alcoholic with 11 months no-relapsing sober time. I am an executive salesperson for a major cosmetics brand and my (new) job involves a great deal of travel to Asia. I find the jet lag very tough to deal with and when I am tired and stressed after a long day and in some anonymous hotel room (I always ask that the minibar be emptied before I take residence) I have almost slipped a couple of times, going so far as to order a drink at the bar on one occasion before coming to my senses. There is always something about being away from home and in a hotel room that makes having a drink seem that much easier. I do not want to lose this great job that I have but it is most important that I do not fall back into a bottle. What advice do you normally give people trying to stay sober who have to travel a lot and get tired and hungry and angry and lonely almost by default on a weekly basis!

Donna Hunter Says...

Donna Hunter D. Hunter

First and foremost, I think preplanning is essential. You know you will be on the road. You know you will be tired at the least. Bring AA literature with you. Locate a meeting if possible or go to a meeting online. Make sure you call your sponsor and recovery friends daily. jet lag is hard and I certainly do not claim to be an expert in this area. However, I understand that avoiding caffeine, staying hydrated and getting some exercise the day of travel is good to counteract the effects. I am glad to hear you have them empty the mini frig before your hotel stay. Is there anything you can bring with you to entertain yourself in the hotel? A computer with a few games. Maybe Skype with recovery friends? Books, knitting, resistance bands for exercise? Perhaps it would be a good time to journal and find the internal struggle that has lead you too close to the bottle.

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