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Marijuan Effects

answered 06:04 AM EST, Thu April 25, 2013
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Is weed really hard to stop? My friend is smoking weed everyday and he is starting to act really weird. Sometimes when he talks it doesn’t make any sense anymore. It’s like he can’t communicate properly. I don’t know if he is high all the time but he acts weird all the time and he didn’t use to act like this. I have known him my whole life. Everyone thinks he is going crazy but they act like its this big joke. I am actually worried about him but you can’t really have a deep conversation with him anymore. His brain just seems too blurry or something.

Jennifer Hamilton Says...

Jennifer Hamilton J. Hamilton

For some people, marijuana or "weed" is really hard to stop.  Some people also have the symptoms you are describing in your friend.  Not everyone uses to this extent or has this effect so many people see it as harmless.  I am amazed everyday at the people to think it is harmless.  Your friend may be doing synthetic marijuana as well.  This does have much more of an impact on the bizarre behavior you are describing.  There is a condition that is connected to psychosis that can happen from heavy marijuana use called "depersonalization".  It is where a person feels disconnected from their body and is having "unreal" sensations.  Have you tried talking to your friend about it?  Does he have any recognition of the effect it is having on him?  You may try doing that.  Many people who use marijuana are unaware of the effect it is having on them.  The part of the brain that helps you be aware if effected by their use.  Maybe you could at least convince your friend to attempt to cut back and see if that helps?  Good luck to you. 

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