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answered 03:37 PM EST, Thu June 13, 2013
Hi cannabis resin is not weed its the solid type you burn and put into a joint the depression is still with me now its been 6 months since i quit.I do feel scared & lonely a lot just wanted to know if this is to do with quitting the cannabis and will that scared feeling go away.

I am seeing my community mental health team and a councilor the depression just started around 28th december 2012 thats when i quit smoking the cannabis.

Florence Cameron Says...

It has been 6 months since you discontinued the use of marijuana and have recurring depression and anxiety with suicidal thoughts. I do not think that the depression you are feeling is due to THC withdrawal alone, unless it is psychological dependence and you are having a hard time finding enjoyment in any other activities. Keep your treatment team aware of your mood changes and of your suicidal ideations. This is extremely important, as they can adjust your medications for effectiveness. Try and find something you enjoy doing to occupy your time and keep distracted. The more you focus on your problems the bigger they become. What we pay attention to we draw to us. Try to challenge your critical inner voice and instead affirm your strengths and positive attributes.

Thank you for responding and giving me more information.

Jeannie Cameron, LMHC

Naples, FL

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