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A Proper Diagnosis is Indicated Before an Action Can Be Taken

answered 08:22 AM EST, Wed October 17, 2012
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I feel like people at my work are against me for no reason. I keep telling myself that I am acting crazy but I swear people are talking about me behind my back and then they stop when I get in the room and I just have this feeling that I am being watched or something all the time. It’s kind of freaking me out actually. I asked a good friend at the office about my suspicions and she said I was imagining it. I can feel it so clearly though it’s like I can sense when people are wishing me to fail. I know that sounds ridiculous but it’s like I can see it in their faces. It’s upsetting me so much now I can barely even do my job because I am always obsessing about who is watching me or out to get me. How do I fight back when no one is attacking me directly?

Dr. Shirley Schaye Says...

I am sorry to hear about how you are feeling and what you are experiencing. I'll be upfront and honest with you. When I first started reading what you wrote I thought that when you see someone do that it might be wise to gently ask them why they are responding to you the way they do. However, when I read on and saw how your good friend responded to you my antennae went up. What do I mean by that? Well if your good friend is being honest with you and she thinks that nothing is really happening and you are only imagining this then that alerts me to wonder what is going on with you. I cannot, of course, knowing nothing at all about you know whether this is paranoia or whether, in fact, something in reality is going on. I would, therefore, strongly advise you to see  someone who can do an in-depth evaluation and therefore be able to diagnose this properly. Without an in-person evaluation of you it is not possible to know whether what is happening is reality or whether you are being paranoid. Once this is properly diagnosed then it will become very clear what you should do. If it's reality, then as I suggested above, you would gently confront the person/people who are doing this and ask them why. If it is that you are being paranoid, then you wouldn't confront them but would have your doctor help you with the paranoia.                                                                                          I wish you well.

Dr. Shirley Schaye

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