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Tripping Can Be Traumatic

answered 11:58 AM EST, Mon January 27, 2020
I have suffered with anxiety for almost 14 years now; and I am trying to find the med or combination of meds that can finally help me feel better. The only thing is that my anxiety was directly caused from trying mushrooms when I was 21. I had taken them twice before and had pleasant reactions both times; but the third time i tried them about a hour after I took them I felt a sudden wave of panic come over like a dark tide. I had never had any kind of panic or anxiety before so the feeling was alien to me so I went and laid down and went to sleep; when i woke up the next day the feeling was still there and its really never went away.

I have tried taking Lexapro and Buspirone to mixed but mainly mild success. My anxiety is largely social based so its mainly when I around people or if I sit in the house for too long and then i get into a "zone". Usually when im at work Im fine because im constantly doing something and don't have time to "think too much". Drinking or smoking weed only makes it worse so i stopped that years ago. Iv had people suggest micro-dosing mushrooms again to try and reset what happened but Im scarred it'll only make things worse.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Dr. Mark Abrahams Says...

Dr.  Mark Abrahams . Abrahams

In recent years I have treated two unrelated cases of anxiety/panic that turned out to be the result of very negative psychedelic trips. One was from 4 years earlier the other was from 20 years earlier. You have asked me who is a clinical hypnotherapist and not a medical doctor so naturally my response is going to be a hypnotherapeutic one not a medical response.

The thing is to locate a practitioner who routinely uses age regression in the treatment and be able to revivify the event and have you go 'back in time' (psychologically) and undo the trauma as it were. I have learned from a few schools of hypnosis but I have remained with the 5-Path™ method developed by my late, original instructor Gerald Kein and his student Cal Banyan. I do not want to describe the minutiae of the technique as that would not help you. What very well could eliminate the anxiety that was elicited after your 'bad trip' would be to receive treatment from someone trained in AND competent in this method. I can only suggest what I know from experience and both of these individuals were treated in 2 or 3 sessions (I can usually complete treatment in just 2 sessions but I do not depend on this for livelihood so be prepared to be marketed a "package" of several sessions by others).

I also alleviated to a manageable degree a case of HPPD (Hallucinogen Persistent Perceptual Disorder) wherein the client's psychedelic visuals (after-images of a waving hand for example and paisley patterns) never completely vanished. They became more prominent and distracting when he was under stress.

Your area code is listed as 79119 which is Amarillo, TX. The Banyan Hypnosis Center is located in Richardson, TX. If you call them you might mention that you were referred by a 5-Path™ practitioner who has been successful with trips-gone-bad. They would not have me listed as their trainee but I was taught by Gerry Kein even before Cal Baynan was and I have communicated with Cal in the past. Incidentally, I receive no compensation for my suggestion, this is purely a professional referral. Their link is:  acuityscheduling.com

If you want a better idea about hypnosis/hypnotherapy then my own page may be educational for you: www.drmarkabrahams.com .

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