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I like to drink wine most nights. Is that addiction?

answered 08:07 PM EST, Wed November 30, 2011
I left a response under a question that was directed to you. And it led me to ask is having a few glasses of wine or champagne on a weekly basis considered addiction?
I will have a drink Friday night (3) glasses ; Saturday night (3-4) glasses. Sunday nothing. Monday maybe some champagne with dinner and then Wednesday maybe (1-2) glasses off wine. repeat. Is this odd? or okay?

I definitely feel happier when I pop that cork (chuckles to self) but in the back of my mind I hear my mother saying "OMG You'd better watch yourself You need some prayer" And Im thinking to myself Im young in my mid 20s vegetarian holistic lifestyle yoga buddhist lifestyle let me have my fun.

So I guess I figured since I live alone and have no one to bounce the idea off of; let me ask a professional? Am I just paranoid?

William Anderson Says...

Does this drinking cause any problems? If it does and you still drink, you need to look at that. When you have something that causes problems, you just get rid of it, unless.....

Have you taken the standard questionnaires? What do they say? Google around. You'll find lots of "Am I an alcoholic?" tests.

Regarding addiction, please read the answer I just posted about "Addictive Personality". It will give you a better idea about habits vs. addiction.

You can also look into the DSM criteria for substance dependence, the clinical diagnosis used when people have an addiction. I discuss the DSM substance criteria in my article about food addiction: http://theandersonmethod.com/food-addiction/ 

The fact that you're wondering indicates something, but I'm not sure what, and a little healthy fear is not a bad thing. Just because you're afraid of something dangerous does not mean you are paranoid, and alcoholism is dangerous.

Have others remarked that you drink too much? That's a red flag.

My gut sense from your description does not sound like addiction or alcoholism, but check out all that I referred to and let me know what you think. It's interesting and valuable info, whether or not you are at risk.


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