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I Want to Get Off Narco and Vicodin. How Long Will it Take to Feel Better?

answered 12:25 PM EST, Sun January 22, 2012
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I am about 2 and a half years into a norco and vicodin habit (about 20+ per day). I am so ready to get out of this fog and get back to just living. It’s hard to believe that I used to always want to get high but now I’d give everything just to be able to feel normal without having to use.

I was determined quit by Christmas and I tapered down for a couple of weeks and then just white knuckled it through like a week of detox – and then after going through all that I relapsed just as I stopped feeling so sick all the time. The problem was that I just felt so mentally down. It felt like I should feel great for having accomplished this awesome thing and making it 7 days and I just didn’t any joy or satisfaction at all.

I now realize that this is all a part of the withdrawal process and that the recovery of my endorphin system will take some time. I am ready to quit again, but I want to know how long before I can expect to feel a little better mentally after I stop using the pills. I am 26 years old and I am in pretty good health…other than being a total drug addict…

William Anderson Says...

Initial detox on these kinds of drugs is usually two weeks. That means it's normal to feel lousy for at least two weeks. Feeling really better takes time. Don't worry about how long. Getting out of this fog and getting back to living will be wonderful. Just look forward to that. In a few weeks, you'll be over the worst and start feeling better and before you know it, even great.

I strongly recommend that you hook up with an addictions counselor. You need the support and good information. It is a mistake to go it alone. If you need to know how to find one, write back.

Also, stop the negative talk like "I'm a total drug addict". That talk has power, almost like self-hypnosis. You are 26, in pretty good health, and can become any number of great things. You've made some mistakes and got addicted. Many great people have done the same and gone on to do great things. They started out by thinking, "I was not made a drug addict or made to be one. I refuse to stay that way. I am not a total drug addict."

I'm serious. You need to start thinking in a new way. A counselor can help with that.


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