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My perceptions have changed after smoking stronger pot

answered 01:01 AM EST, Fri September 21, 2012
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My friends and I bought from a new guy on the weekend and the pot was a lot stronger than I am used to. I was actually feeling kind of freaked so I ducked out and went upstairs to bed. The next day I woke up feeling really weird and I was sure the weed was laced with something but none of my friends who smoked it noticed anything unusual. For the last few days everything around me looks really weird to me. Nothing has changed but everything seems to look way different like the colors are all drained and like my perspectives is all screwed up. I am also totally anxious and I get these thoughts repeating in my brain that I can't get out. It's been like this for 4 day and it is not getting any better. What is going on with me? Is it the weed that did this? I am honestly really scared right now.

Dr. Stuart Shipko Says...

This happens to people who smoke strong pot.  I don't know why this happens.  It may be your reaction to the drug or it may be anxiety that was present all along that is now projected onto your drug experience. There is no way to give you specific advice via message board.  If you do not feel better soon, you should have a psychiatric evaluation from a doctor with experience in marijuana related difficulties.

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