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answered 02:49 PM EST, Sat September 14, 2013
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Is using dip a good way to quit smoking? I know that cancer organizations can’t exactly recommend this method but is it at all a practical way to go? The gum doesn’t really work for me because I always still want a smoke after but dipping gives me even more of a buzz than smoking a cigarette does. I don’t really enjoy a dip though because I find it kind of gross and I am not very good at spitting and aiming. The idea is to break the smoking habit by switching to dip for a few weeks and then gradually weaning myself off the dip. It’s the habit that I have the most trouble with,,,smoking on coffee breaks and with morning coffee etc ect.

Donna Hunter Says...

Donna Hunter D. Hunter

Personally, I would not recommend it. It is just another way to inject nicotine. It is sitting directly on your mucous membrane and that could be why you feel the "buzz" Your are basically trading one addictive habit for another. Try changing what you do on your break. go for a walk, play something on your phone. Don't head to the smokers area.

I have had great success using EMDR with smokers who want to quit. you can find an EMDR therapist by going to emdria.org If you can find someone who works with addiction or has experience using Miller's protocol that would be helpful.

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