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Stop Booze, Start Weed????

answered 07:20 AM EST, Wed June 19, 2013
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Is marijuana bad for high blood pressure? I am 150 over 98 at my latest check up and my doctor has ordered me to stop drinking. I am having more trouble with this than I thought I would. I used to smoke marijuana years ago but gave it up when I got married and kind of grew out of it. Now I am thinking about searching to find some as a substitute for the alcohol. Marijuana is medicine, true? So is it OK for high blood pressure? I guess it’s ok as long as it doesn’t make it worse when I combine it with a lot of other changes I am supposed to make, like dietary and exercise changes. I don’t want to take medicine so my doctor said to try making lifestyle changes and we’d revisit in 3 months to see what happened.

Dr. Arthur Trotzky Says...

The problem is not blood pressure and marijuana. Your doctor suggested exercise and diet which is always good for overall health, emotionally and physically. Marijuana initially increases heartbeat and. apparently. does lower blood pressure but I hear you saying that you are having trouble stopping the alcohol and are looking for another mood altering substance. I don't know how much alcohol you have been using so it is hard to know how much of a problem exists.

You say you don't want to use medicines and yet also ask if Marijuana is a medicine. You need to ask yourself what you really want: to control your blood pressure or to feel the effects of mood altering chemicals like booze and weed. For the blood pressure, don't "try to make the changes" the doctor suggested. Make the changes" for your health.

As for the chemical search, you might want to talk to a counselor and understand that better and make effective changes to improve your feelings and lifestyle

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