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Psychiatrist and CBT

answered 12:51 PM EST, Wed November 23, 2011
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I dont abuse xanax,but I do feel like im addicted,ive taken half of a 2mg pill twice a day for three years,ive tried tapering but im still sick,what else can I do the anxiety and panic attacks are worst,but worst I feel like I may have a seizure and thats what I am afraid of.

Dr. Maria Rothenburger Says...

Hi Ypayne,

You'll want to talk to a psychiatrist about the Xanax and seizures as I am not a medical professional and cannot offer a recommendation where those two items are concerned.  It seems that you want to stop taking the Xanax, is that right?  If you speak with a therapist, s/he should be able to help you find other ways outside of medication for handling the anxiety and panic attacks. You'll want to look specifically for a CBT (cognitive-behavioral therapy) therapist.

Be well,


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