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Anger, Rage.... Medication?

answered 09:55 AM EST, Tue March 25, 2014
anonymous anonymous
My anger is out of control. I have tried everything but I cannot tame my Rage. I don’t like eye contact or people criticizing my decisions and today my dad was forcing me to look at him in the eyes while he lectured me about not changing the oil in the car and I held it in and held it in and then I shoved him against the car and I think I would have beat him if my mom had not been there and calmed me down. Some people can calm me down when I am in a rage state but I cannot calm myself down very easily in that state. He is a bastard because he knows I can’t stand it when people look me in the eyes but he is older and weak. This is not the first time that something like this has happened and I am wondering if I need to take some medication for anger control? Is there such a thing and do I need to get a prescription for it?

Milena Colyer Says...

Thank you for your question!

First, let me point out to you that anger is a secondary emotion; meaning, there is an emotion that exists before anger and that emotions provokes the anger. My recommendation would be seeking counseling to discover the primary feelings and root cause of those feelings. I believe some sound Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, with you committed to working through the problems, will likely prove quite successful in helping you overcome these bouts of anger and rage.

Remember, there is nothing wrong with you, you have had an experience (maybe many) that has caused you to perceive eye contact and criticism as dangerous. It sounds like you are doing exactly what your body is created to do - protect yourself in situations that may be dangerous. The key will be in overcoming the perception of danger and asserting yourself, rather than defending yourself.

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