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Can Vitamin B supplements deter the damage of alcoholism?

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answered 04:57 PM EST, Fri November 23, 2012
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I am a pretty heavy drinker. I only drink beer but I will have about 8 to 10 beers about 3 or 4 times a week. I have been drinking like this for about 15 years and I can see that I have done some damage to my thinking abilities from all the drinking. I just used to be a little bit sharper and quicker than I am now. Will vitamin B supplements protect my brain at all from the effects of alcohol? I do not really plan on quitting drinking any time soon but I would like to limit the damage if possible. I am a professional and I have managed to keep my shit together, even though it may sound like I have a serious case of the alkies.

Florence Cameron Says...

Dear Heavy Drinker,

Your question is very revealing. The math of over 31,000 beers in the last 15 years is alarming. You have been very lucky so far, however denial can be deadly, and the state of your professional integrity will suffer along with your body from the deleterious effects of chronic consumption. Alcoholism is a progressive disease and It is around 10-15 years of heavy drinking that the liver begins to decline, building fibrous scare tissue killing the liver. It is this thinking pattern which testifies to the level of damage you're experiencing. The disease has progressed to a level in which you are unable to reason the gravity of your condition. Without a good brain you will not make quality decisions about your life.

If Vitamin B supplements could deter the deleterious effects of alcoholism, death related cases would decrease also. Fish Oil, a low caloric diet, exercising and correcting negative thought patterns along with supplements can help your vitality. Alcoholism is the number one leading preventable cause of death. if you had a million dollar race horse would you feed it junk food? I don't think you would and this is why I can sense you have crossed the threshold to addiction as you are worth more than a million dollars and you aren't aware of the damage you are doing to yourself.

It would be prudent to allow your brain and body to heal by abstaining from the drink. This will also prevent further damage. The best of luck to you.

Jeannie Cameron,LMHC


Naples, FL

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