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PROMETA: Alternative Treatments for Alcoholism

answered 04:12 PM EST, Mon February 25, 2013
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My doctor is talking about something called PROMETA treatment. I am an alcoholic and I asked him if there was a medicine that could help me. I have been to AA a few times over the past 12 years which is how long I have been drinking really heavy for. As I understand it it is based on nutritional therapy and talk counseling. I do not really know my doctor very well but there is something about this that sounds a little too good to be true. Is this nutritional therapy something that actually works for alcoholics? Would you recommend that I give it a try?

Florence Cameron Says...

Thank you for bringing PROMETA to my attention, I'd never heard of it before your question. You stated that you tried AA a few times to no avail. And you were asking the doctor for a medicine to, no doubt, make sobriety easier? I can't see any harm in good nutrition and talk therapy, especially since they state in their collateral that they also provide group counseling. There is no one-way to fight addiction and for some AA is not a choice. Heavy drinking for 12 years is not good on a body and drinking alcohol depletes the body of valuable nutrients. Not knowing the program costs, or the statistics of this particular treatment program, I cannot recommend it. However, if you are inclined to give it a try, ask if they have any former patients that have successfully completed the program that could give you recommendations. Getting clean is the issue here, the venue doesn't really matter as long as it works for you. It takes some people numerous times until they finally give up the drink, if they even do.

My philosophy is.....do whatever it takes....for as long as it takes. You have only one life and you should live it healthy and happy and free from being a slave to substances or alcohol.

Good luck and let Choosehelp.com know if it works out for you.

Jeannie Cameron, LMHC

Naples, FL

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