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Tinnitus after stopping marijuana

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answered 10:41 AM EST, Tue December 15, 2015
I quit marijuana 2 weeks ago and my tinnitus is through the roof. When will it go away?

Dr. Stuart Shipko Says...

This is a pretty uncommon symptom, and I don't think that the phenomenon has ever been studied.  It is so uncommon that I went online to see if anyone was posting their experiences on marijuana withdrawal tinnitus.  People have reported withdrawal related tinnitus.  From what I could learn from the posts, it looks like it takes a few months for the tinnitus to resolve.  Tinnitus is an extremely common symptom and can result from a variety of medical conditions and medications.  It would probably be a good idea to see your doctor to make sure that the tinnitus is not due to an unrelated medical condition.

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