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Skin picking

answered 09:28 AM EST, Fri June 21, 2013
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I have been a skin picker since I was 10 years old so for about 5 years. I pick my cuticles mostly but also blemishes on my face and at my scalp. How long would it take to break this habbit. Like for smokers it takes 3 or 4 to break the nicotine habbit and then it gets easier. How long would I have to completely stop picking for before the urge would go away?

Jill Edwards Says...

An interesting question, because most of the information that would decide the answer is held with you. But what is really on my mind is that the skin picking is probably not the issue that needs tackling. This is a habit you have had for a long time and there are probably some circumstances or potentially some anxieties which have supported it and kept it going. So because of that I would suggest that you access some counselling and see how improving your life circumstances and the way you think about your self and your circumstances can be helpful to you.

I know you have compared this to a cigarette addiction and I am glad that you have felt that although it may take a few go's you can move on from this habit. cigarettes of course give a low level sort of upper, so I am wondering what sort of a lift skin picking does for you, is it a mild form of self injury. Is there enough pain for that. Does it distract you from other thoughts or feelings you don't want to have.

Ii don't know how it affects you. do other people complain about it, do you think it is childish and want to feel more adult. I do suggest that you find some counselling to help you with this issue as it is possibly a simple habit which sits on top of a number of other issues around your self confidence and the way your present yourself.

If you cannot do this, then you will have to examine yourself to see what part it plays, whether you really want to stop. When you stop, then in your home you can use gloves to help you to stop.

I wish you a life free of your habit and a new way forwards.

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