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answered 02:01 PM EST, Tue January 31, 2012
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Ever since I quit drinking a month ago I have been doing this really heavy out of control eating. I always drank in the evening right after work until I passed out and now when I get home and sit down to watch Tv I just start eating like crazy and I don’t stop until I am almost sick to my stomach and then I go to bed and I feel terrible. I am gaining a lot of weight and I am almost ready to give up on sobriety because this way of life does not seem to me to be any better. I have just changed one thing for another. How can I stop eating too much without going back to drinking too much.

Scott Graham Says...

Your story reminded me of a suggestion in the book "Living Sober" about drinking some chocolate milk or chocolate cake when experiencing cravings [who wants a beer after chocolate milk?!].

On the surface it looks like you substituted one addictive behavior for another.

For a more detailed response I would want to know what you are doing to build sobriety and how you are addressing cravings, boredom, and other issues that can be challenging in early recovery.

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