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Off Methadone and Oxycodone for good

answered 09:11 AM EST, Wed April 13, 2016
SORRY FOR DELAY... I am on my way off taking Methadone and Oxycodone for good, and seriously it has been a long time coming and I am actually thrilled about it all ending! My question is that they want me to start taking Suboxone 8/2 mg twice a day! I already mentioned that I really didn't need/want that high of dose.. But there the Doctor's.. Also I mentioned wanting Zuzolv? Is there any major difference between the two that would affect me different than Suboxone? Also, I have noticed a lot of Psychiatrist's prescribe Adderall after the Taper off of Suboxone? Mostly because of the quick taper, and stop of taking the Suboxone, there is a big lack of normal energy, focus, concentration and still the ADHD type Jitter's. These people now say that it was the best thing for them, they are back to there old selves and definitely most important thing is that they don't want to take anything else ever again! Do you think this can be a good way to End all of the long Opiate Addiction? They are so happy with their lives now, good jobs, able to think right and have happy relationships and lives now!! Also im 33, when I took the ADD, ADHD test in school, it was suggested that I can get help with the ADD, ADHD, but at time it was not a big problem, like how they treat now.. So my parents thought for me to tough it out, more or less....

Joseph Novak Says...

Let me start by letting you know that I am not a medical professional; my experience comes from being an interventionist and recovery coach.  I applaud you for taking the first steps to be free from substance abuse.  I am not an advocate for long term use of Suboxone.  I believe that many times people end up substituting one drug for another instead of having total abstinence.  I have not heard of Psychiatrists prescribing Adderal for "energy, focus, and concentration."  Again, now another medication is being introduced, but I question if it's really needed.  I advocate for some recovery program, 12-Step, Smart Recovery, Celebrate Recovery to help with long-term recovery.  Whatever program you choose to attend, work the program.  I hear the old saying "Meeting Makers Make It" but it's more than just attending the support group meetings.  If the program requires work (12 Step) then work the steps.  I have helped many clients live a healthy and happy life without using any mind altering substances.  

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