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Computer Game Junkie Brother

answered 05:38 PM EST, Fri August 19, 2011
I believe my older brother/roommate has developed an unhealthy obsession with playing computer games on the internet. He was laid off about 18 months ago and since then has spent more and more time playing games and less and less time looking for work, spending time with me and our friends…even taking showers or cleaning the food box debris that piles up around him in his room during his marathon sessions of game play!

He’s a great guy and I’m getting pretty worried about him. I have challenged him to stop playing for a while but he just doesn’t see any problem with the way he spends his days. How can I show him that he’s got a problem when he doesn’t see any problem with staring at a screen full of wizards and elves from the minute he gets up (in the afternoon) to the minute he drops off to bed just before I’m heading off to work?

David Johnson Says...

It's a frustrating and helpless feeling when you know someone you care about has a problem, but they choose not to see it. You have already done everything you can do to convince him. He will face the problem when some consequences come his way. You may find yourself providing some of those consequences  if his behavior affects your life. For example, if you share housing, his lack of progress of finding a job will force you to support him. You should be assertive in a matter of fact way, without blaming and condemnation. Even if there is minimal consequences for you, continue to observe in your comments to him, how his lifestyle is changing his life, relationships, and future. Be patient, chances are good he will come around.

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